Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Hasek in the Stanley Cup Finals either

Well, the Dominator won't be playing for the Stanley Cup this year either. Anaheim walked away with a win and a date to play for the Stanley Cup against Ottawa. No offense but Ottawa looks unstoppable. They are playing great and have the hunger. We'll see. Good luck to all. I'll probably watch a little.

Sabres season is history....Ottawa advances waiting for West

The Sabres season is over. Another year of advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals and another year of not making it to the big show, the Stanley Cup Finals. I would be lying if I didn't say it was depressing. A first place finish in the NHL, the Sabres won the President's trophy which meant that they had home ice throughout the playoffs no matter who they played. It also set them up as an elite team in the NHL. It's a huge accomplishment, but everyone always wants to go to the show. I am insanely proud of the team this year. Happy to support a team especially when they are playing well, but I really did believe that we had it in us to win the whole thing this year. It just wasn't meant to be.

Sabres played well on Saturday. Their power play still wasn't potent, but it was moving at least. It was too little too late I guess. They went into OT and ended up losing it in OT. I must say that NBC's decision to drop the game and send it to Versus sucked. Especially since I was watching the game on TiVo. I didn't have the opportunity to watch the OT since the game was over by that point. Preakness blah blah. I wanted to watch the Sabres. In fact, WGRZ- TV in Buffalo, New York was the only NBC affifilate who stayed with the game. There probably would've been a riot downtown if they had decided to show horse racing.

Anyway, my hat goes off to Ottawa. They played harder and more together than the Sabres did the entire series. The Sabres played the worst in game 3. By going down 3-0, I think that about sealed their fate. I think besides game 5, game 2 had to be the most heart breaking. Sabres at home, looking like they had come from behind lose it in OT. Devastating. I liked that the team didn't look like it was going to quit. I assumed we'd win game 5. It sure looked like it. And then the series would've been 3-2. Anything can happen at that rate.

I wish Ottawa good luck in the race for the cup. It's their first in their franchise's history. They will face a tough West Coast team. Anaheim is currently on top of Detroit, but only by 1 game. Anything can still happen.

I will be watching the Sabres in the off season. It's unclear how it will play out. They will have a tough time keeping the team together. Everyone wants to stay and hopefully they can work on deals for Drury and Briere and get them done before another team tries to lure them away with multi-million dollar dreams. The Sabres aren't a big time and can't afford to overspend, but keeping those 2 guys keeps the team strong and gives them another shot at the big dream of a Stanley Cup win in Buffalo. Here's hoping we can keep them. I'll be paying attention.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sabres stay alive!!!

Sabres stay alive with a win tonight by 3-2 in Ottawa. This was an extremely important win tonight. They skated better, they passed better and they kept their composure. That's what I like to see. They play again on Saturday. Good luck! Keep up the good work buffalo!

Detroit is up in their series and Pronger is now suspended from the next game for Anaheim. Wow! That's big. We'll see what happens. It would be cool to see Anaheim win. I wouldn't mind Detroit advancing either. There's the old Hasek in net for Detroit.

Anyway, it's late. More later.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Game 4 tonight against Ottawa

Well, it's been a bit depressing for mre the last couple of days. I think the picture says it all. Sabres lost game 3 by a score of 1-0. UGH! They are now down 3 games to none. After the Cinderella season that the Sabres have had, it's hard to think of them not going to the finals. I believe they have a shot tonight and turn this around. I know it's a super long shot, but the Sabres have made those before. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and kind of afraid to look, but we'll see what happens tonight. LET'S GO BUFFALO!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

no clue movie review: Spiderman 3

This summer's first must see in my opinion. Spiderman 3 directed again by Sam Raimi delivers on the blockbuster level and gives us a few characters to look at and work with. That's what I like best about the Spiderman movies. They always deliver some charcterizations and show us real people who just happen to have extraordinary abilities and how they deal with them. With that being said, this movie isn't without its faults.

The special effects are quite impressive. The Spiderman moves look cartoonish, but they have from the first movie. But it's a comic book movie. That doesn't really bother me. WIth this being the third movie, these Spiderman swinging effects get better and better but not realistic. It's part of the look of the movie at this point. But this character isn't doing realistic things, so what's the difference? I don't have any issues with that. The Sandman effects are quite impressive. The big fight at the end is out of this world, the fight with Peter Parker and Harry Osborn is quite exciting. The character of venom and the goo that is embodying this alien symbiot is way cool. All in all, the state of the art special effects are out of this world and worth the price of admission alone.

The charcters all have a backstory. In this movie, it almost looks like we're supposed to be rooting for the bad guys. They all have a hard luck angle, but it's almost a little too much sympathy. I'm glad to see it though instead of a bad guy just showing up and cackling. The Doc Ock villain from Spiderman 2 is still my most favorite though. It also seems that Raimi goes out of his way to show us the ugly side of fame and the ugly side of Peter Parker. Yes, some of it is the alien symbiot that he likes the feel of the extra power (power of the dark side pretty much), but its also the price of fame. Peter Parker starts buying into the fame of Spiderman and at times appears not just in it for the trueness of helping others in need. But remember, this is a college kid who had this power thrust upon him and he's bound to make mistakes which I really like. I wish they would've gone a little further exploring the dark side though. I'm sure that would've turned a few people off maybe if they went too far, but for me they didn't go far enough. I like that Mary Jane gets jealous of Peter and Spiderman as her career is sliding as an actress. Fame is fleeting I guess, right? It's also addictive. I guess that's the point of it all. You can let it consume you like Eddie Brock did and become Venom or you can confront it and overpower it like Spiderman does. One of the other things that you notice about the movie is its play to comedy. Noticeable in all the movies, this time it seems a little forced or inappropriate at times. I guess there is a formula for this success now too. I as a moviegoer also have relatively high expectations going into this movie which plays into this review as a whole.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and it lived up to expectations mostly. I would highly recommend seeing the movie at least once. A good popcorn flick and that's about it. But its worth seeing it at a good movie theatre with a good size screen and good sound. We're off to a good summer so far. If they all are only this good, then I'll be a very happy moviegoer.

For more info: official site

come back soon for more reviews, until then, I'll be at the movies....

Sabres down 2-0 in series

Well, it was a hard fought game. Buffalo came out swinging. There was an early goal, but that was disallowed due to it going in off the hand of a Sabre. Vanek scored on an excellent play and made his strong effort pay off. Sabres were up 2-0 in the first. I was excited. The wind left my sails when I saw Ottawa come back and score 3 times against my Sabres. Buffalo tied it in thrilling fashion with Briere getting a lucky bounce to him and he snuck it into the empty net. That was pure hard work by the Sabres. Unforutnately, they lost it in double OT to Ottawa. This is not a good sign.

Now, we have to go back to Ottawa having lost 2 games on home ice where we've been unbeatable. It's really disappointing. But it ain't over until the fat lady sings right? She might be warming up, but she ain't singing just yet.

Sabres looked powerful in the first period. Unstoppable really. But their power play has suffered for much of the season and hasn't been any better in the playoffs. Ottawa's power play has been truly amazing. Scoring tons of times and moving the puck well. Sabres moved the puck better on their power play, but still not enough.

I still think the Sabres are capable of playing better hockey. I don't think that they've been able to pull it together for a full 60 minutes yet in the playoffs. That didn't seem to matter until now. They haven't been down yet in the playoffs. All of the sudden they're underdogs again.

Let's hope the underdogs can pull it off. I'm rooting for you Buffalo! I believe! LET'S GO BUFFALO!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sabres fall in 1st meeting with Ottawa

I'm a little depressed. Ottawa played really well tonight. We didn't play as well. Ottawa scored first and stayed in command from that point on. We need to bounce back in Saturday's game. I'll be watching with intense excitement. I'm a little nervous, Ottawa looked good and made us lose one on our home ice. That doesn't sit well with me.

Ryan Miller played very strong in goal despite the loss. Afinogenov looked good too. Of course, Drury and Briere were good, but everyone was all over them. Lydman showed why he's good to have around.

I believe in Buffalo and I'm looking forward to game 2 in the HSBC Arena. I'm chalking this one up to nerves for some of our guys. Bring it on Ottawa, bring it on...

New Kelly Clarkson video "Never Again"

here's Kelly's new video for "Never Again". She's looking hot and a bit angry. That's how I like her though. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

latest apple rumor

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latest no clue productions info

Still hard at work on some new content. working on 2 new web series and a new video that I hope to post on youtube. putting some more effort into those over the next few weeks. hope to post a premiere date soon for the new site content. later.

Buffalo Sabres make it into the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Finals again

I haven’t posted any hockey news and that’s mostly because I’ve been watching a lot of hockey games. The Buffalo Sabres have once again returned to the Eastern Confernce Finals. I have a good feeling still this year. I am very much looking forward to seeing my Sabres in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Let’s recap a little. The first series in round 1 against the Islanders was fantastic hockey. Islanders played better than expected. Sabres didn’t play as well as I expected. They still managed to pull off some amazing third periods and just managed to pull the games out of their ass. They won the series in five games. Goaltending on both ends of the ice was amazing. Ryan Miller for the Sabres had the edge though definitely. Chris Drury gave us some timely goals as well. But the great part about watching the Sabres this season is that it’s a true team effort and this was evident in the games against the Islanders as we were getting goals by a bunch of different team members.

The second round the Sabres played the New York Rangers. The Rangers had been red hot going into the playoffs and they disposed of the Atlanta Thrashers quickly. I wasn’t sure how the Sabres were going to react. They came out fighting but the goaltending of Henrik Lundqvist. He was out of this world. Miller didn’t disappoint at the other end of the ice either. This was flat out amazing hockey. Highly entertaining and just exciting to watch. I was impressed by the play of both teams. Sabres seemed to handle the Rangers well in the first two games. First game they scored 5 goals and beat them 5-2, but the next game was tighter checking and the Sabres squeaked by with just a 2-1 win. The Rangers took the next 2 games, but fought hard to win. The game went into double OT and was thrilling. Game 4 was more all Rangers and the Sabres just didn’t seem like they could get it together against the Rangers. Maxim Afinogenov was even benched and didn’t play game 4 because of his poor performance. The Rangers were surging and I was worried. But fear not, the Sabres came back home and didn’t want to disappoint their fans. Despite a scoreless first 3 periods, the Rangers finally score one within the last 3 minutes. Drury ties the game with a goal on Lundqvist within the last 17 seconds of the game. This pushes another overtime game and Afinogenov pulls it out and scores the winning goal in OT. That showed heart and determination and I just wanted to finish this series for the sake of my heart. All the OT’s were killing me. Game 6 was all Sabres, but the Rangers wouldn’t die. They kept fighting. Both teams continued to score big in this game and the Sabres won by a score of 5-4. All in all, a really great series and if you’re a hockey fan, this one had it all.

Now, we bring on the Ottawa Senators. This is the team that had the big brawl earlier in the season with the Sabres. These are bitter rivals and both teams have something to prove. The Senators want to prove that they can play well in the playoffs. The Sabres want to prove that they won’t crack. We are healthier than last year, more confident as a team and playing fantastic hockey. In my opinion, the Sabres got this series too, but we’ve got to win 4 first before we go to the finals.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Sabres are a team of destiny this year. It all started last year with their surprising run for the cup. This year, there have been no surprises. We won the President’s trophy for having the most points in the entire NHL this season. That team normally doesn’t win the cup, but the Sabres have proven that their not a normal team. They are on a mission to bring the first professional sports championship to the city of Buffalo. The fans want it, need it maybe even. The energy that I’m feeling when watching the games tell me they can do it. 

LET’S GO BUFFALO!!! I’ll be watching the games.