Sunday, May 13, 2007

no clue movie review: Spiderman 3

This summer's first must see in my opinion. Spiderman 3 directed again by Sam Raimi delivers on the blockbuster level and gives us a few characters to look at and work with. That's what I like best about the Spiderman movies. They always deliver some charcterizations and show us real people who just happen to have extraordinary abilities and how they deal with them. With that being said, this movie isn't without its faults.

The special effects are quite impressive. The Spiderman moves look cartoonish, but they have from the first movie. But it's a comic book movie. That doesn't really bother me. WIth this being the third movie, these Spiderman swinging effects get better and better but not realistic. It's part of the look of the movie at this point. But this character isn't doing realistic things, so what's the difference? I don't have any issues with that. The Sandman effects are quite impressive. The big fight at the end is out of this world, the fight with Peter Parker and Harry Osborn is quite exciting. The character of venom and the goo that is embodying this alien symbiot is way cool. All in all, the state of the art special effects are out of this world and worth the price of admission alone.

The charcters all have a backstory. In this movie, it almost looks like we're supposed to be rooting for the bad guys. They all have a hard luck angle, but it's almost a little too much sympathy. I'm glad to see it though instead of a bad guy just showing up and cackling. The Doc Ock villain from Spiderman 2 is still my most favorite though. It also seems that Raimi goes out of his way to show us the ugly side of fame and the ugly side of Peter Parker. Yes, some of it is the alien symbiot that he likes the feel of the extra power (power of the dark side pretty much), but its also the price of fame. Peter Parker starts buying into the fame of Spiderman and at times appears not just in it for the trueness of helping others in need. But remember, this is a college kid who had this power thrust upon him and he's bound to make mistakes which I really like. I wish they would've gone a little further exploring the dark side though. I'm sure that would've turned a few people off maybe if they went too far, but for me they didn't go far enough. I like that Mary Jane gets jealous of Peter and Spiderman as her career is sliding as an actress. Fame is fleeting I guess, right? It's also addictive. I guess that's the point of it all. You can let it consume you like Eddie Brock did and become Venom or you can confront it and overpower it like Spiderman does. One of the other things that you notice about the movie is its play to comedy. Noticeable in all the movies, this time it seems a little forced or inappropriate at times. I guess there is a formula for this success now too. I as a moviegoer also have relatively high expectations going into this movie which plays into this review as a whole.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and it lived up to expectations mostly. I would highly recommend seeing the movie at least once. A good popcorn flick and that's about it. But its worth seeing it at a good movie theatre with a good size screen and good sound. We're off to a good summer so far. If they all are only this good, then I'll be a very happy moviegoer.

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