Saturday, March 25, 2006

seeing movies

I haven't seen many movies lately at the theaters. Is it me or is nothing really good looking is out now? I may check out Inside Man this weekend. I've been renting more and catching up on TV. LOST, 24, ER, SURVIVOR, and AMERICAN IDOL of course. I'm rooting for Chris and Mandisa at the moment. But lots of good talent this year. Recently watched Ordinary People on DVD. Didn't realize what a good movie that was. Saw it so long ago. I recommend that you check it out again or see it for the first time if you've never taken a look at it. Right now, I have Rope, Dark Harvest 2: The Maize (thriller done in my hometown of North Tonawanda, NY) and the first season disc of Greatest American Hero out from Netflix. Maybe I'll check some out this weekend. I'm reading scripts for class mostly this weekend and hopefully working on my script some more. I'm plowing through, but i'd like to be further along. Later.

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