Tuesday, May 30, 2006

sabres are still in it!

They did it. They are still alive and now have forced a game 7 in Carolina on Thursday night. We'll see what happens. WOW!!!!


Krista said...

Should your beloved Sabres win, how do you think they'll do against my beloved Oilers?

Fred said...

I think the Sabres could've beat the Oilers, but now I'm thinking they can take Carolina. I'm looking forward to a good series, even though I am far less interested now that my Sabres are out of it.

But how will your beloved Oilers do with such a long layoff?

Krista said...

Well, it's just over an hour from puck-drop. I'm not one for making predictions, but I think all will know how the layoff has affected them within the first ten minutes of play. They were pretty beaten up and needed the rest, though, so I don't think the rust factor will be as evident as it seemingly was with Anaheim.