Sunday, June 18, 2006

no clue movie review: X-Men: The Last Stand

I really enjoyed both of the first two movies in this series. I was pretty excited to see this movie and also a little nervous since director Brett Ratner was taking over the reins from Bryan Singer. I wasn't disappointed in the movie at all. I'm not sure it lived up to the first two movies though.

The movie chronicles Jean Grey's rise to the Dark Phoenix. The plot also involves a cure for mutants. You see some mutants enticed by the cure since they are feeling like they're powers are a curse, like Rogue. You also see some who don't want the cure because they feel like that is what makes them special, like Storm. Finally, some see the cure as a way for the government to control and destroy the mutant race, like Magneto. The plot wasn't too involved from what I could tell, but it did make for a jam packed movie. We also got our first looks at new mutants like Angel and Beast. Jean Grey's Dark Phoenix also takes one of the core members of the X-Men team from the first two movies and turns her evil. I really liked that, because it forced characters like Storm and Wolverine to fight against their friend and find a way to help her at the same time. There is a final battle scene that was spectacular to watch, with some out of this world effects.

The movie looked great. The effects were spectacular. It really blends in well with the look and feel of the other two movies. In that respect, I think Ratner did a great job. I do feel like there were so many characters and my one complaint was that with so many characters it was hard to spend much time with any of them, so getting more into character development wasn't possible. But we did get to see Storm taking a larger leadership role and Wolverine conflicted with his feelings for Jean. We got a little information on Angel, but didn't get to spend much time with him. Too bad, I find him a fascinating character.

That being said, I think there was a real emphasis on the part of the filmmakers to make a purely action driven film. In this regard they succeed. It was thrilling to watch, engaging and very action heavy. I feel it was the best popcorn type of movie that I've seen so far this year. I know I've said it already, but I can't help myself. I must say it again. The final showdown in the film is spectacular. It's high octane action between all sorts of mutants and humans. It's huge big screen pleasing effects. For this reason alone, I recommend seeing this flick. The action moments are well worth it.

Finally, just a tip. Stay for the entire end credits. Don't leave the theater until the lights come up. There is an extra scene at the end of the movie that is great and really brings up ideas for future movies. You don't want to miss it. Then you can tell all your friends about what they missed as they were rushing out of the theater just to get to their cars a few minutes earlier.

I know that this movie will make all kinds of money, but I really hope that the filmmakers when trying to make a new X-Men movie will go back to the character driven plots of the first two flicks. This is the bread and butter of this franchise. Yes, the thrilling effects and action are great, but the caring about these characters is what I loved most about the movies. Next up though, I hear they are making a Wolverine movie. That could be really interesting. Getting into detail into one of the more intriguing characters of the first three movies would be a fantastic way to get into new territory. Whatever they decide to do, I hope that they keep the movies coming.

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